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M. G. Vidyamandir’s
Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray Mahavidyalaya‚ Panchavati‚ Nashik

( Junior College )

Sr. No. Name of Employee Designation Designation
1. Shri. P. D. Zalse Vice - Pincipal M.A., Bed
2. Shri. Suryawanshi J. R. Asstt. Teacher M.Com., DHE
3. Shri. V. M. Bhamre Asstt. Teacher M.Sc, Bed.
4. Shri. D. H. Nikam Asstt. Teacher M.Sc, Bed.
5. Smt. R. B. Malunde Asstt. Teacher M.Sc, Bed.
6. Dr. Pathan K. A. Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
7. Smt. M. A. Pahade Asstt. Teacher M.A., Bed.
8. Shri. Patil R. N. Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
9. Shri. Nikam T. L. Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
10. Shri. K. N. Patil Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
11. Shri. R. B. Bhagat Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
12. Shri. Ahire A. N. Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
13. Shri. Joshi A. S. Asstt. Teacher M.Sc., Bed.
14. Shri. R. V. Katare Asstt. Teacher M.A., Bed.
15. Shri. Pawar S. P. Asstt. Teacher M.A., Bed.
16. Smt. S. D. Sonawane Asstt. Teacher M.A., Bed.
17. Shri. Thorat A. P. Asstt. Teacher M.A., Bed.
18. Smt. Sonawane V. V. Shikshan Sevak M.A., Bed.
19. Smt. Jadhav V. B. Shikshan Sevak M.A., Bed.
20. Smt. Pawar V. A. Shikshan Sevak M.A., Bed.
21. Smt. Nikam U. Y. Shikshan Sevak M.Sc., Bed.
22. Shri. Bchhav U. S. Shikshan Sevak M.Com., Bed.
23. Shri. Sonawane S. N. Shikshan Sevak M.Com., Bed.
24. Smt. Nikam P. P. Non-Grand M.A., Bed.
25. Smt. Sonawane R. S. Non-Grand M.A., Bed.
26. Shri. Jagtap S. V. Non-Grand M.A., Bed.
27. Smt. Adke Deepa B. IT-Teacher IT