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Department of English

The Department of English started in 1971 along with establishment of the college. The department plays an important role in addressing the students especially from minority and depressed communities. It endeavors to create awareness and interest among the students regarding the English language and literature. Besides, the department also attempts to develop and enrich the Departmental Library. It provides Language-lab facility for enriching students’ communicative competence, as well.

The English Department of the college happens to be the large department in the Arts faculty of the college with 3 full time faculties. The department has the Post-Graduate course since 2006-07. The department has persistently striven to provide quality teaching to the students who are drawn to the college from rural background and areas. In terms of resources & infra structurethe department has latest audio visual equipments at its disposal such as a television set, DVD & LCD projector with screen, as well. Moreover, the department has fine collection of high quality books in the departmental library. The department collects the films related to literature and syllabus that enables us to arrange screenings for students from time and again. The department has also set up of language lab facility, to be used by all the students, to enrich their language. The English literary Association (ELA) provides a platform to the students for extra and co-curricular activities such as; poetry reading, dramatics, debate etc. Our students, too, have persistently made their mark in various competitions like soliloquy, debate, elocution, paper-presentations etc. and bagged prizes.

The Department has highly experienced and qualified faculties at its disposal.

Highlights of the Department

  • The Post-Graduate Department started in 2006-07. Taking into consideration the needs of the tribal, rural, backward and minority Students, College had extended all necessary assistance in starting the P.G. Department in the college.
  • A Certificate Course in English for Business also started in June 2008 with the financial assistance of Rs. 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs) from UGC.
  • The Audio-Visual Centre has been started by the department recently which has helped the faculty to introduce ICT methodology.
  • The centre provides DVDs and CDs to the students. Books are issued regularly from the departmental library.
  • Inter - Library borrowing scheme was in operation till the year 2014-15. The department had subscribed to The British Library (BL), Pune.
  • The department has a Departmental Library consisting around 400 books.
  • The faculty consistently publishes research articles in national and international research journals.
  • The faculty is credited to have published a few books.
  • The two faculties have completed UGC and BCUD Minor Research Projects.
  • The faculty is consistently engaged in journalistic writing of national repute.
  • The faculty is involved in translation projects.
  • Internet access has been provided to the department by the college.
  • The department has provided reading room facility to the students. Periodicals,journals, and English newspapers are availed of to create interest and inculcate reading habits among the students.

Courses run by the department with intake capacity.

Sr. No. Course Division Granted Intake Capacity
1 F.Y.B.A 3 (Three) 360
2 S.Y.B.A 3 (Three) 360
3 T.Y.B.A 2 (Two) 240
4 M.A-I 1 (One) 60
5 M.A-II 1 (One) 60
6 Certificate Course in English for Business - 60

UG & PG RESULTS 2018-19

Sr. No. Class and Subject Name of the Teacher No. of Stu. App. in Exam Dist. 1st Class High 2nd Class 2nd Class Pass Class Fail Total Passed Ab. Percentage %
1 SYBA Com. Eng. Prof. Sadiq Ali Peerzada 378 01 16 28 Nil 137 185 182 12 49.45%
2 G-2 Prof. Sadiq Ali Peerzada 17 Nil Nil Nil 01 04 10 05 02 33%
3 S-1 Dr. Sandeep Wagh 17 01 01 Nil 02 06 05 10 02 66.66%
4 S-2 Prof. Swapnil Alhat 17 Nil 01 01 01 07 05 10 02 66.66%
5 TYBA Com. Eng. Prof. Swapnil Alhat 315 02 11 12 30 136 113 191 11 62%
6 G-3 Dr. Kishore Nikam 18 02 02 01 02 04 04 11 03 73 %
7 S-3 Dr. Sandeep Wagh 18 03 03 03 Nil 07 01 16 01 94 %
8 S-4 Prof. Swapnil Alhat 18 Nil 01 01 02 09 04 13 01 76%
9 S.Y.B.SC Opt. Eng. Dr. Sandeep Wagh 68 28 08 15 01 02 12 66 02 97%

BA (Eng) 2019 Toppers

  • 1. Donde Vijay Prakash -856/1200 [71.33 %]
  • 2. Raundal Piyusha Bhausaheb- 845/1200 [70.41%]
  • 3. Tathe Rahul Somnath- 806/1200 [67.16 %]

MA- I [SEM –I] [Oct/Nov 2018] RESULT 2018-19

Sr. No. Class & Subject [MA SEM I] Name of the Teacher No. of Stu. App. in Exam Dist. 1st Class High 2nd Class 2nd Class Pass Class Fail Total Passed Ab. Percentage %
1 English Literature from 1550-1787 [20691] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 29 Nil 03 03 04 011 06 21 02 77.77 %
2 English Literature from 1798-2000 [20692] Mr. Sadiq Ali Peerzada 29 Nil 04 05 03 06 09 18 02 66.66 %
3 Contemporary Studies in English Language[20693] Mr. Sadiq Ali Peerzada 29 Nil 06 04 07 02 07 19 03 73 %
4 Literary Criticism & Theory [20694] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 29 Nil 01 05 6 08 04 20 05 83.33 %

MA – II [SEM III] [Oct/Nov 2018] RESULT 2018-19

Sr. No. Class & Subject MA-II [SEM III] Name of the Teacher No. of Stu. App. in Exam Dist. 1st Class High 2nd Class 2nd Class Pass Class Fail Total Passed Ab. Percentage %
1 Indian Writing in English [30691] Dr. Sandeep Wagh 12 Nil Nil 02 08 Nil 01 11 Nil 91.66 %
2 English Language &Literature Teaching [30692] Mr. Kishor Nikam 12 Nil 01 06 02 Nil 02 09 01 81.81 %
3 American Literature [30698] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 12 Nil 01 Nil 05 01 04 07 01 63.63 %
4 Research methodology [30699] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 12 Nil 01 04 Nil Nil 06 05 01 45.45 %

MA –II [SEM IV] [May 2019] RESULT 2018-19

Sr. No. Class & Subject MA-II [SEM IV] Name of the Teacher No. of Stu. App. in Exam Dist. 1st Class High 2nd Class 2nd Class Pass Class Fail Total Passed Ab. Percentage %
1 Indian Writing in English [40691] Dr. Sandeep Wagh 11 Nil 02 04 04 Nil 01 10 Nil 90.90 %
2 English Language &Literature Teaching [40692] Mr. Kishor Nikam 11 Nil 04 02 04 01 Nil 11 Nil 100 %
3 American Literature [40698] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 11 Nil 05 03 03 Nil Nil 11 Nil 100 %
4 Research methodology [40699] Mr. Swapnil Alhat 11 Nil 03 03 02 02 01 10 Nil 90.90 %


Sr. No. Class No. of Students App. For the Exam Grades Received Total No. of Students Passed Total No. of Students Failed Percentage %
O A+ A B+ B C D E F
1 MA FINAL RESULT 2018-19 11 00 00 01 04 04 00 00 00 02 09 02 81.81 %

Toppers of MA [Eng] (2018-19)

  • 1) Ahire Yogita Baban 971/1600 - [60.69 %]
  • 2) Gadakh Punam Suresh 930/1600 - [58.13 %]
  • 3) Chavan Mohini Dilip 923/1600 - [57.69%]

Staff Achievements

Awards / Recognition

  • Dr. Kishore Nikam has been awarded Ph.D from north Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (MS).
  • Dr. Sandeep Wagh has been awarded Ph.D from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (MS).

Research Profile

State Level Conference Organized

State level conference is organized by the department on Postcolonialism and Eco criticism on 5th & 6th Feb 2016. In the conference Dr.Milind Malshe,IIT,Powai was the Chief-Guest,and Dr. SatishDeshpande, BAMU Aurangabad, Dr.Shobha Shinde,North Maharashtra University,Jalgaon,Dr.Mabel Fernandis, BAMU Aurangabad, Prin. Dr.A.P. Patil, Ozar College, Dr.Seema Bhaduri,HPT College, Dr.Chetan Deshmane,HPT. were the resource persons.

State Level Seminar on “Digitalization of English Language and Literature Teaching” on 30th Jan. 2018 11 research scholars presented the research papers on different topics related with the theme of the seminar. Prof. Kishore Nikam was the convener and Dr. Sandeep Wagh was the Coordinator of seminar. The resource persons were as follows

  • Dr. MilindMalshe, IIT Powai
  • Dr. B. S. Valke
  • Principal Dr. P.R.Bhabad
  • Dr. Anjali Gautam
  • Dr. Chetan Deshmane

Workshops Organized

The faculty of the department organized a workshop for junior college teachers in teaching the new syllabus for XII std class on Nov. 12 and 13, 2007

Net-Set workshop was organized by the department for PG students from (Jan.18) 2012-13.The following Resource Persons guided our students for 2nd & 3rd paper of NET/SET.

Sr. No Name of the Resource Person Year
1 Prof. Parmar, Niphad College, Nashik 2012-13 (18th Jan.)
2 Prof. Dnyaneshwar Chavan Sakri, Dhule 2013-14
3 Prof. Trupti Sapkale, LVH 2013-14
4 Prof. Kishore Nikam, LVH 2013-14
5 Prof. Pratibha Ghuge, Nashik 2015-16 (19th Mar)
6 Prof. Swapnil Alhat, Nashik 2015-16
7 Prof.Swapnil Alhat, LVH College, Nashik. 2016-17 (16th Feb.)
8 Prof. Anil Awchare, LVH College, Nashik. 2016-17
9 Dr. Sandeep Wagh LVH College, Nashik. 2017-18
10 Prof. Kishore Nikam LVH College, Nashik 2017-18
11 Prof. Swapnil Alhat LVH College, Nashik. 2017-18

Extension Service

The faculty of the department participated in spoken English and communication skill programms to provide training for newly appointed judges in Nashik court from Aug.6, 2008 to Aug. 12, 2008.

The faculty was involved in teaching to classes such as M.Sc. Zoology Part I – English for Scientists and BCS - Enriching Oral and Written Communication and now Visionary Gleam.

The faculty has taken some grammar classes for 11th & 12th std. students in the academic year 2016-17

The Innovative Practices

The following innovative practices have been followed by department of English.

  • ICT methodology has been introduced (Internet Computer Technology)
  • Audio-visual centre has been started.
  • Language programms, movies, plays are screened frequently according to their need & syllabus.
  • Exercises in listening and speaking skills are given by using lingua-phone machines and computer software (Language lab).
  • Books are issued regularly to the students and staff.
  • ‘A certificate course in English for Business’ has been started since 2007-08.
  • The students are availed of opportunity to have wider exposure to the English language, newspapers (The Times of India) & the periodicals,Journals are displayed in the department.
  • The students are encouraged to write creatively such as short stories, poems,articles etc. for the College Annual ‘Parijat’.
  • In the academic year the students took part in intercollegiate soliloquy Competition held at HPT College on Commemorating Shakespeare 400. PallaviPawar ,M.A.II students bagged 1st prize of Rs.1000/- & also won Best Team Trophy in the competition.
  • The students are deputed for paper presentation at inter collegiate level.In the year 2016-17 five students of the department took part in Paper Presentation Competition & Rahul Nair (S.Y.B.A) won second prize of 1000/- Rs.& Mahendra Gaikwad ( M..II) Received consolation prize in it.
  • In the academic year 2016-17, Eleven students of the department took part in various debating & elocution competitions held at different places.
  • In the academic year 2017-18 two students of MA II won best paper award at Paper Presentation Competition held at BRD Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nashik-Road, Nashik; Anam Shaikh won the first prize in Best Paper Category and Asmita Rupawate won Second Prize in same Category.
  • The department organized Guest Lecture Series for PG students since the year 2013-14.The following Resource Persons Delivered lectures for PG students in these series.
Sr. No Name of the Resource Person Topic Year
1 Dr. Vilas Salunkhe, Nashik Shakespearean Drama 2012-13
2 Dr. Anjali Gautam, Bitcocollege King Lear 2012-13
3 Dr. Mohini Gurav, Nashik Spencerian Sonnets 2013-14
4 Dr. Chetan Deshmane, HPT Elizabethan Age 2014-15
5 Dr. Sanjay Pagare ,Akole Basic structure of Noun Phrase 2013-14
6 Dr. Ashok Chaskar,Pune Credit System 2013-14
7 Dr. Seema Bhaduri, HPT King Lear 2016-17
8 Prof.Vinaya Kelkar, KTHM American Poetry 2016-17
9 Prof Vakil, Chandwad The Spanish Tragedy 2016-17

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Assistant Professor (HOD)

M.A, NET, Ph.D

Experience - 14


Dr. Sandeep A. Wagh

Assistant Professor

M.A, SET, Ph.D

Experience - 11


Swapnil Alhat

Lecturer (CHB)


Experience - 03


Sadique Ali Peerzade

Lecturer (CHB)

M.A, B.Ed, MBA

Experience - 02


Mrs.Sonali Kadam

Lecturer (CHB)


Experience - 08


Dr. Kishore R. Nikam: He is a Head of the Department of English, and a Director of Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college. He has a teaching experience of a decade and a half, and has published 10 research articles, in the International journals. He has also successfully carried out a Minor Research Project, funded by University Grants Commission. He has been awarded a Ph. D. by KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, MS. As an author, he has to his credit, a reference book, Enhancing English Oral Communicative Skills, available @ Amazon. He also writes poetry, on miscellaneous themes, through his poetry blog - He is privileged with being a part of the board of reviewers of a reputed research journal JETA, Indonesia. Also, he is a member of European Network for Comparative Literary Studies (ENCLS). He has published a few news articles too, on the issues of social importance.

Prof. Swapnil Alhat: He has qualified NET and SET Exam and has 3 years of teaching experience at UG & PG level and has published 12 research papers and delivered lectures at various occasions. He also writes columns in Lokmat Times on Social issues. He is currently pursuing M.Phil at SPPU Research Centre KTHM College, Nashik. . The topic of his research is “Postcoloniality Reflected in Eugene O’neill’s ‘The Emperor Jones’ and Wole Soyinka’s ‘Death of King’s Horsemen.’ His interest areas are Modern American Drama, John Keats, Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson’s Poems, Literary Critical theories especially of Aristotle and Post-colonial and Michel Foucault also fascinates him.

Prof. Sadique Ali Peerzada: He did MA (Eng), B.Ed and MBA. Has two years of teaching experience at UG & PG level. He has published five research papers in International Journals.

Prof. Manisha Godse: She is MA, SET, having one year of experience. She has published five research papers in national and international UGC approved journal.

Future Plans of the Department

  • Organization of a National Level Seminar on English Language Teaching.
  • Organization of a District level Seminar/Paper Presentation Competition for Special students.
  • Organization of a workshop for UG/PG students on Research Paper Writing.
  • Lecture Series by Experts for UG and PG students.
  • Weekly Presentations for students.
  • To enrich the departmental library.