As per the UGC Letter No. F.1-19/2021(CPP-II) Dtd. 6th May, 2022 and UGC Notice 1-5/2021/Desk Parl.) Dtd. 12th May 2022 we have formulated the Committee for Student Services Centre (SSC) for the Academic Year 2022-23.


1 Prof. Dr. Mrunal Bhardwaj
Mob. : 9764918400
Dean, Professor & IQAC Coordinator Nodal Officer
2 Dr. Pragati Marakwar
Mob. : 9422925263
Women’s Cell & IC Chairman Member
3 Dr. Rakesh Patil
Mob. : 8275519056
Students Welfare Officer Member
4 Dr. Arun Wanarase
Mob. : 9881880126
Asst. Professor (Political Sci.) Member
5 Dr. M. P. Pagar
Mob. : 9158986077
NSS Officer Member
6 Dr. Santosh Pawar
Mob. : 7588616412
Physical Director Member
7 Dr. A. V. More
Mob. : 9822424637
NSS Officer Member
8 Mr. Sachin Sonawane
Mob. : 9422288565
NCC Officer Member
9 Dr. D. K. Kannor
Mob. : 98238558791
Email :
Asst. Professor (Psychology) Member
10 Dr. Prashant Sonawane
Mob. : 9766561513
Medical Professional Member

Following are the responsibilities and activities will be performed by SSC in next A.Y. 2022-23

1) SSC will be responsible for dealing with and managing the problems related to stress and emotional adjustment of the students.

2) SSC will carry out counselling, guidance, physical and mental health services in the online mode, in person, through a telephone helpline, or in group counselling sessions depending upon the circumstances.

3) SSC will also maintain separate records of students appearing to be more vulnerable and stress-prone for further support and resilience building exercises.

4) SSC will work as a single-window system to address relevant student issues.

5) Separate counsellor is appointed to solve mental health related issues of the students.

6) SSC will always focus on students’ mental health and well-being-related issues that will need greater attention during the transitional phases of students’ life such as examinations and different stages of their careers. In order to make it a serious business, a reasonable ratio of counsellor and students will be maintain.

7) SSCs will ensure effective coordination with the health center of the college.

8) SSCs will work in close collaboration with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals of the medical institutions located in the vicinity. It will also try to make MoU and collaboration with these persons or institutions.

9) Website of the college will be updated with the functions and details of SSC with the contact numbers and email addresses of the committee.

10) SSC will built coordination with Equal Opportunity Cell, SC/ST cell, Gender Equity Centers, Student Welfare Committee, etc. for the betterment of the students.

11) SSC will strive for an atmosphere in which students are asked to be physically active.

12) SSC will work with NSS and NCC to strengthen the students mentally as well as physically.

13) SSC will insist to create the necessary outdoor and indoor sports facilities and infrastructure on the campus.

14) SSC will organize programs and activities for physical fitness and ensure its monitoring on a regular basis.

15) SSC will make provisions for organisation of weekly intramural sports tournaments.

16) SSC will try to make a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with premier Institutions like, NIMHANS, HBAS, RINPAS, AIIMS and other institutions.

17) SSC will maintain all records properly and be made available to NAAC, NIRF etc. as and when asked for.